“You guys have been amazing to work with and so patient with understanding my troubles I went through just to get to Spain!  Spain Hunting Ibex

You guys went over and above in making this one of my most memorable hunts that I have been on!  I can’t thank you enough!

Your staff was so helpful and knowledgeable of what they were doing.  The guides were excellent and had amazing eyes for spotting the Ibex so quickly!

The Lodge was very nice and comfortable e and the food was great!

I was amazed at how many Ibex I saw each day and the absolutely amazing scenery surrounding the Lodge that we hunted in!

What a great setting to spend time hunting one of the most beautiful species a hunter can take and for me to be able to take two excellent trophies was just the icing on the cake!

Once again I cannot thank you guys enough for such a wonderful experience! “

Mike Daley-California, USA

Spain Hunting Ibex




“We had a most memorable hunt/trip and I want to thank you for all your hospitality!!  We will certainly be returning.”

Tony Lombardi-Morris, IL – USA





Spain Hunting Ibex





“Thank you and your team for a wonderful hunt. I enjoyed the hunting, the lodge, the food and of course the people. I will be in touch!”


Marty Rubeo-Pennsylvania, USA



Spain Hunting Ibex




“Thank you for providing my family an awesome experience hunting and touring Spain. You exceeded all our expectations and delivered on all your commitments. We would highly recommend your outfit to anyone and look forward to visiting again. “

 Thank you again

John Makoff-California, USA


Spain Hunting Ibex



“l know we said it many times over there but we truly enjoyed our trip, my hunt,and all of you over there. You are a first class operation. People are amazed when l show them the pictures of my Ibex and tell them about the Bull fight.

You were the perfect hostess and good looking also. All of the guides were great and Salva is a good man.”

Take care and be safe

Alvin Kocher–Pennsylvania, USA


Spain Hunting Ibex




“Saw many ibex every day. Many trophy males to choose an excellent trophy from. My wife went on the hunt with me every day and enjoyed the experience as well. The entire crew showed genuine concern that we had a good hunt.”

Thank You,

Cliff & Patsy Johnson -New Mexico, USA



Spain Hunting Ibex





“Thanks again to you and all the crew for all the help and hospitality.  We had a great time and great memories.”

Harry & Betty Rogers-   Alaska, USA




Spain Hunting Ibex





“In every way they set out to make the trip a pleasant one with my satisfaction the foremost goal. Good animals, good food, and good guide I’ve never seen an outfitter give back a part of a tip saying you have paid enough. I’ve hunted in several countries and this outfit did truly want to please their clients.

Boy that’s a long way to say you can go there with confidence.”

Don Soncrant-South Dakota, USA




Spain Hunting Ibex



“I really enjoyed everything about the hunt! Thanks for making it all happen. I appreciate everything that you did for me while I was there. I hope that the cook worked out his issue, his food was better than anything that I had in Barcelona.”

 Thanks again

David Easom-North Carolina, USA




Spain Hunting Ibex





“We had a great time with you up in the hills.  I’m still surprised we manage to take such a fine Ibex on the evening before my hunt was schedule to begin. It took us about 2 hours in that afternoon/evening hunt

Anyway, the trophies came in fine.   Marcos and the export company did a great in packing and taking care of their end.

Thanks again for everything,”

Mark Dinwiddie-Washington, USA

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